FAT KING DREAMING, originally uploaded by rsconnett.

Acrylic on canvas. 14" x 11" Aug, 2008
contact: rsconnett@gmail.com

All my paintings, to one degree or another, are self portraits. This portly monarch is me of course. I've been sitting on my ass painting so much that I have been putting on weight. I'm not quite as fat as this picture illustrates, but I am no longer comfortable in my own skin.

The King's crown is actually bombed out building. It's from another painting I'm working on with a city being destroyed by war.

Note that the King is "two-faced" Not only does he share several conflicting opinions about himself, he is, and I am, full of sh-t.

The small flying eyes are dreams. Each one is an eye seeing into another universe, where the dreams are. Each dream seeing eye is hatched from the eggs in the mouth of the serpent growing from the king's middle finger.

The large grinning sea-creature represents my favorite recurring dreams. Ones that I love to have, but have all to infrequently.

The hog nosed snake approaching from stage left is the thing that interrupts my sleep. I can never sleep through any night. I wake up every two hours during the night and sit on the edge of my bed. Perhaps reality?

The centapede in the foreground is most definitely a fuking nightmare crawling on me. I have many nightmares every week. Some are so terrifying that I cry out and my wife has to tell me to "shut-up!" and go back to sleep. I am revolted by centipedes.

Of course, I am making all this up. I have no idea what this painting "means" or if it really means anything at all.

It looks to me like a fat king laying down surrounded by his dreams and nightmares.

Perhaps it will mean something entirely different to you. Or, perhaps you are influenced by my words.

like way out there man

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