radmail: The jungle


Name: Black Lung Klatch

Subject: The jungle

Comments: The clean green brush strokes of wind
Lather my face with the warmth
That engulfs my aura and lifts me
With hands of light to where
I hang, radiating purple beams of orange reflection
Into the depths of jungle night
My canoe creeks and ripples the glass
Pushing waves of pure secret to the banks
Where hundreds of reptilian eyes
Feast upon the glow of my body
I float Above, WHite as a dove
Submerging the darkness into its cage
Of mud, decay, and flavor
But still the toucans and jaguars
Balance the flow of the stars
With their ignorance
Lying obedient even to my calloused heels
Because I am Conquerer
I have been lifted
To the tops of the trees
Where I oversee it all from my perch
And I laugh, spilling my conscience
Into the atmosphere
To be breathed in by all else
To be discarded by all else
Because I am the human
The result of understanding
Bow to me
High up in the tree
Of sense
Of breath
Of movement
Of time
Bow to the cycle
Bow to what is mine




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