How to add FeedBurner to your blogger

For blogger.com
How to add FeedBurner to your blogger:
 (it may look a little long but it's ok)
sign in to blogger.com
go to 'settings'
then go to 'site feed'
 and click 'FeedBurner' (In A New Tab)
when you get to FeedBurner.com
 it asks you to sign in with your google account
so sign in there
you then get to a page
'Burn a feed right this instant'
so type in your blogger address
like: http://yourname.blogger.com
or if you have a domain (ie:  '.com') on blogger
like http://www.yourbloggerfulldomain.com
or http://blog.yourbloggerdomain.net
we DON'T recommend clicking 'I am a podcaster'
unless you know precisely what a podcaster is
(and if you do - you would'nt need this help)
it goes crazy if you click 'I am a podcaster' and
 asks all these unfamiliar questions
 click next
it will probably give you 2 feeds to choose from:
choose 1 (we chose the first)
 and name it (preferably your blog name)
and save the choice
then you arrive at your 'Feed Stats Dashboard'
if your not at the Feed Stats Dashboard
 click on 'My Feeds'
then click on your 'FEED TITLE' (Yourfeedname) (near the top)
this takes you to the 'Feed Stats Dashboard'

go to 'Publicise'
there go to 'Email Subscriptions'
in the first section 'Subscription Form Code'
set your language
where it says 'use as a widget in' select 'Blogger'
then click 'Go'
this places the widget on your blogger page
still in feedburner

click on 'Edit Feed Details' up near the top
(this is to read the address only)
there you will see your 'Feed Address'
it reads like http://feeds.feedburner.com/Yourfeedname
that is the full address that blogger needs in the original page
so back on your blogger.com
 'settings' => 'site feed' page
(the page with the feedburner link to begin with)
you type in the 'Post Feed Redirect URL'
which is the one you just read on feedburner
you need 'Blog Posts Feed' aka 'Allow Blog Feeds' at the top
to 'Full' - it should be 'full' already
click 'Save Settings'

if you know some html you can enter a page end
 for the end ov each post on the feed
we had a few links and stuff
then to 'design' (in your blogger)
FeedBurner shows up as a gadget titled 'Subscribe via email'
to move it where you want just hold the mouse down on it
 and move the mouse (with the gadget)
 to where you like (the page is automated)

that's about it
the feeds seem to come ONCE A DAY at the end ov the day
only if there was a new post that day
so if you subscribe to it yourself
 then do a post
 it may take a day to come down the line
feel free to email us if you don't get it to function
it either works or it does'nt
it does'nt need time to get used to you
there is no warm up or orientation period
no wait a week while we adjust our servers when the yacht comes in
if you don't have a feed in a day it needs help
all the best

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