Wordpress Security Alert

Wordpress Security Alert - Orbit Fox Plugin

Two vulnerabilities, one critical and one of medium severity, have been discovered

The Orbit Fox plugin contains security bugs that enable attackers to take control of a website or inject malicious code

According to the researchers, the vulnerability is contained within the Orbit Fox registration widget and allows lower-level users to gain administrator privileges

The flaw can be exploited because the plugin only provides client-side protection to prevent the role selector from being shown to low-level users

The second vulnerability found within Orbit Fox affects the plugin's header and footer script feature and allows threat actors to add malicious JavaScript to posts. This code then executes when a user visits the related webpage

These flaws have been fully patched in version 2.10.3. We recommend that users immediately update to the latest version available, which is version 2.10.3

Patch it if you use it!


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