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Hi there,
I'm Allena, the Editor of, a lifestyle blog focused on sharing tips and advice with women to help them look and feel their best. My blog has been featured on sites like Insider and Better Homes and Gardens. :)
I came across a great article on your site which covers various fashion trends and outfit ideas for women:
Actually, we've recently published a very in-depth blog post focused on over 100 stylish ways to wear bralettes, titled - How to Wear a Bralette: 101 Trendy and Stylish Outfits.
If you find our piece good enough, can you add a link to it on your page as an additional reference?
If this sounds good to you, I can share your article or any other page of your choice on our Pinterest account to give it some fresh visibility, in exchange.
Please let me know your thoughts about this, and thanks for your time! :)
- Allena Rissa
The Better Fit

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